Company Culture

Company Culture

Corporate Culture

Provide power for development
Create wealth for the society
Seek happiness for employees 


The three-purpose mission shows the fundamental attitude and orientation of Zhejiang Energy Group towards society and undertakings. It interprets objects which the enterprise shall take responsibility for and serve, and the corporate orientation in construction of Zhejiang Energy Group.

“Providing power for development” indicates the industry feature and industrial characteristics of Zhejiang Energy Group. Energy is the lifeline of national economy and the basic industry to ensure people's livelihood. With its own task to provide energy products like electric power and natural gas, the Group offers an inexhaustible power for the social and economic development.

“Creating wealth for society” shows the Group’s enterprise attribute and lofty ideal. The state-owned enterprise is the important pillar of national economy and the major creator of social wealth. In pursuit of the human-oriented, harmonious and progressive goal, Zhejiang Energy Group brings infinite value for people’s production and life by creating both material wealth and cultural and ethical wealth for society.

“Seeking happiness for employees” reflects the Group’s humanistic thought and win-win idea. Staff is the main body of an enterprise and the source of power to promote reform and development. With the purpose of joint progressing of staff and enterprise and sharing of results, the Group enables staff to work and live in a happy, proud way, by ensuring maintenance and appreciation of assets and ensuring and implementing each right of staff according to law.

The “three-purpose” ?mission is the organic unification of Group’s political, social and economic duties to manifest the Group’s lofty idea to promote economic prosperity, achieve people’s happiness, benefit staff’s well-being and lay a solid foundation for century-old development.?

Core value:

Do things based on honesty and carry out expansion on the basisi of power


The value of “doing things based on honesty and carrying out expansion on the basis of power” is the behavioral perspective and judgment standard of the Group and its staff to interpret how to build the Group.

The development is focused on human to foster human by morality-oriented way. “Doing things based on honesty” is the Group’s measuring standard for the conduct, cultivation and behavior of staff to reflect its ethical pursuit of shaping and building people with morality, orientation of employment and ideology of education.

“Carrying out expansion on the basis of power” reflects the Group’s industry characteristics, social responsibilities and enterprise values, shows its value orientation to explore career and serve the society based on energy industry, is the Group’s quality requirement for the knowledge, technique, competence and performance of staff, and embodies the talent development idea of the people of the Group to achieve self-worth by wisdom and competence.

The value of “doing things based on honesty and carrying out expansion on the basis of power” is the inheritance of the Group from cultural connotation (equal stress on integrity and ability) of the Chinese nation, reflects the modern management concept to carry out Scientific Outlook on Development and insist on joint progressing of staff and enterprise, and is the basis of building a staff team with excellent morality and remarkable ability and of creating a Humanistic Zheneng and a Century-old Zheneng.

Enterprise spirit

Make the career splendid and make the life glittering


The mindset of “making the career splendid and making the life glittering” reflects the joint inner attitude and ideological level of Zheneng people to interpret the spirit with which Zhejiang Energy group will be built.

“Making the career splendid” declares the holy, lofty mission shouldered by Zheneng people to develop energy undertakings, expresses the unification between sense of mission and sense of responsibility and combination between sense of pride and sense of achievement, and implies Zheneng people’s effort to create the glory and splendidness of Zheneng career in unremitting pursuit.

“Making the life glittering” reflects the attribute of energy industry, implies the view of life values of Zheneng people, and expressed their ideal state – to illustrate the bright idea in achievement, interpret brilliant spirit in selfless contribution, and shape the shining image in ordinary position.

The mindset of “making the career splendid and making the life glittering” closely combines life value with corporate development and with social progress, embodies Zheneng people’s real perception into life meaning, and declares the heroic spirit of Zhejiang Energy Group to make organic combination of corporate identity with the spirit of the time, as well as to power the life and the society.